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Facilites Engineer

Academic Degree:

Project Engineer / Industrial Facilities.

Desirable Knowledge:

  • Basic Installations: Low Voltage, HVAC, Ventilation, Fire Protection. Knowledge of Industrial Cold, Purification, Gas, and Fluids installations is valued.
  • Proficiency in CAD software.
  • Knowledge of administrative procedures (Companies, Municipalities, Industry, and Environment).
  • Demonstrable professional experience of at least 2 years, specifically in Construction Management, Facility Management, and Project Drafting.
  • Experience in developing tender bids.
  • Availability to travel.
  • Languages: Spanish and English (minimum B2 level).
  • Proficiency in MS Office tools.

Job Content:

  • Complete or specific project works.
  • Requesting significant quotations from market suppliers to confirm prices or determine applicable equipment.
  • Management of topography, geotechnical, and other works to be requested from third parties.
  • Civil engineering calculations, installations, preparation of reports, appendices, measurements and drawings, safety and health studies.
  • Organization of supplier tenders from the request for quotations to the signing of contracts by clients.
  • Management of licenses with the Administration.
  • Quality control in the office and on-site.

    Designer draftsman

    Academic Qualification:

    Qualified for the practice of drafting activity.

    Desirable Knowledge:

    • 2D drafting, 3D design, and Infographics.
    • Demonstrable professional experience of at least 2 years, specifically in supporting Engineering in project details, construction management, measurement of drawings, on-site project data collection for plan development; support to engineering in the basic design of installations in projects (lighting, sockets, evaporators, ventilation, etc.).
    • Availability to travel.
    • Languages: Spanish; desirable English (minimum B2 level).
    • Proficiency in MS Office tools.

    Job Content:

    • Drafting specialist in the Projects Department reporting to the Team Leader or supervisor.
    • Collaboration in drafting protocols, nomenclature, and file management.
    • Responsible for planning ongoing tasks.
    • External training for professional growth with special training in 3D course designs, lighting installations, HVAC, and ventilation.
    • Company-provided training to develop the assigned role.

      Administrative Technical Secretary

      Desirable Knowledge in:

      • Minimum 2 years of professional experience.
      • Languages: Spanish and English (minimum C1 level).
      • Expertise in office software (Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint, or similar).
      • Proficiency in budgeting software or Arquímedes.
      • Knowledge and experience in digital marketing and social media.
      • Experience in administrative procedures (Companies, Municipalities, Industry, and Environment) and in requesting quotations from suppliers and follow-up.
      • Experience in supplier management.

      Job Content:

      • Office management.
      • Support and assistance to staff.
      • Assistance to the technical department.